DaddyDom / MommyDommes


Aug 27, 2021

You are unlikely to impose harsh rules or daily routines because you have to monitor compliance. On the other hand, he is usually someone who is quite affectionate and tolerant, with a high cultural level and a gift for people. 

The occasional practitioner: 

Usually someone is married and infrequently prone to maintain binding relationships with the submissive person. He prefers to have meetings once a week, or a couple of times a month, and for each meeting, he thoroughly studies the techniques that the session requires in mind.  

He is more interested in considering himself the best practitioner of something in particular than in maintaining a close bond with any submissive person. Thus, this type of Dominant is called ‘Dominant of the briefcase’, he proposes to carry out a session in record time and travels anywhere to carry it out. With them it is really difficult to get hurt, since they know what they are doing within the chosen activity, but they do not offer greater depth.

They tend to delegate, on the submissive party, the responsibility of looking for third parties and emphasize, especially, sharing expenses when the “relationship” is prolonged in time.Finally, they disappear, almost as if by enchantment, when the submissive part begins to show signs of emotional frustration or when they find someone geographically closer.  This type of Dominant usually expects something more from those who submit to him. Compared to the above, you prefer a relationship in which the slave accepts your rules and preferences, with little room to change them. You literally want someone to do and go through anything, for him / her.

You might be just as happy with a housemaid or a highly well-trained submissive person since you are most interested in specialization, rather than someone ‘good for everything’. He accepts, without hesitation, assuming any type of responsibility and is very possessive of the people in his charge, but no one else can make decisions. It is characterized by preferring strict relationships and will only accept the best of the submissive person, whom it will end up knowing better than itself. They are usually someone very curious (especially with the past of others), lack complexes and have a tendency to perfectionism. This type of person looks beyond the physical aspect because the mental aspect attracts him more than anything else.

 DaddyDom / MommyDommes 

They are usually people of mature age, very kind and affectionate, interested in very young people who assume the role of daughters or sons, as the extension of positive incest.

 They tend to pamper, protect, patiently teach, and even spoil the people in their charge, but somehow they are affected by the other person’s Electra / Oedipus complexes and end up being easily manipulated.

 Contrary to the previous types of Dominant, they do not find anything hurtful in their submissive’s behavior, since they assume that love / hate is intrinsic to the type of relationships they prefer and they usually know how to protect themselves emotionally. Daddy’w and Mommy’s are Mentors / Protectors par excellence, but in many cases their desire to protect can lead to the submissive counterpart feeling compelled to offer something in return, since they do not reject the “unacceptable” with the necessary firmness. They prefer relationships where honesty and trust are paramount and, over time, when the relationship no longer exists, they become the best counselor. Unfortunately, they are also prone to multi-relationships and forming purely sexual “families”.

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