Characteristic Of BDSM Mistress London


Aug 26, 2021

Bondage, spanking, flogging and sensory deprivation are just some of the characteristics that make up the practice of sadomasochism, however, do not be impressed by the stigmas and taboos that surround both BDSM and BDSM in general, because beyond being considered A sexual paraphilia, this explosive cocktail of pain, domination, surrender and submission satisfies to the limit the low passions of those who decide to practice it. 

Therefore, feeling pain to achieve extreme pleasure should not be considered as something negative, as we remember that like the rest of the practices that make up the world of BDSM , sado has sexual satisfaction as its main objective. 

Likewise, despite its stigma, erotic and sadomasochistic games are part of the most recurrent sexual fantasies of both men and women, which is why daring to fulfill your sexual fetishes and enjoy positions to get started in sado, is something that you should be encouraged to experiment. 

Well, although it is true, that given the intensity of sado this practice is not suitable for all audiences, you should know that the most important thing before starting in BDSM, is that you always do it freely, safely and by consensus. Start with the most soft or light and once you gain confidence decide whether or not you want to increase the intensity of your practice. Say yes to enjoying these submissive and dominant positions where orgasms are guaranteed. 

Regardless of whether you choose to practice this position standing or lying on the bed, keep in mind that whoever will be in charge of submitting and stimulating your partner will be the sex toy you decide to use , in this case, I recommend opting for a long vibrator discreet whose power will take your breath away. 

Make him vibrate from the inside, tie his hands behind his body and be the one to decide when and how to start the stimulation, play with the speeds, deprive of contact with your skin and do not stop playing until he reaches orgasm.

Merge with your partner, decide between being submissive or dominant and, once the roles are assigned, make sure to tie the submissive’s wrists and ankles in order to make him lose control of his movements , since he cannot move arms and legs during the session. Sexual act can be the most sexy and interesting, learn to tie and immobilize your partner with bondage knots for beginners! If you want, you can use nipple clamps to help you intensify the pain and pleasure when it comes to reaching orgasm.  

Use the furniture to your advantage and, be it a bench, a chair, or some of the sex furniture for sado lovers, wrap your partner around your desires and order him to stand on the Kinky Attraction you select, then tie it up until she is completely immobile, then begin to lightly spank her butt with a whip, a whip, or simply make spanking your best allies to achieve stimulation. 

Go over his body with your tongue and use Love Toys that help you to intensify the sensations before, during and after the sexual act, make intimacy a new dimension. 

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