Is infidelity what hurts us the most? Are all love stories dangerous?


Aug 27, 2021

The problem of sexual abuse in all sectors has reached critical and very worrying proportions in our society and affects all ages, from childhood to adulthood. The psychologist Jorge López Vallejo has developed a protocol that tries to ensure that the harm to the victim ceases , as well as the rehabilitative and therapeutic intervention on the aggressor.

For transgender people, the male and female division of public toilets is a constant barrier. How can we tear it down? We talked about it with Isidro García Nieto, social worker and sexologist, and we got to know the Free Wee Project initiative , a project to make public toilets free of gender roles. 

The Alpha Male / Female:

This person has absolute confidence in himself, and that is not a bad thing, the bad thing is how he uses this personal characteristic so coveted by many and how he reacts when that confidence, for some reason, disappears. This being the case, when it disappears or was simply never there try, by all means, not to be visible.

He is a born seducer and has no qualms about using all his charisma to attract whoever he wants, mainly to satisfy a fleeting whim that seldom bears fruit in the medium / long term.

Usually, he does not recognize his shortcomings and if he does it is to show himself less egocentric than he really is, this in order to gain the trust of others. He believes he has the right to consider himself the best and under that premise he will do what he deems necessary to keep another person / s subject to his feet, so with that objective it is very easy for his ways and tricks to fall into dishonorable acts or clearly debatable ethics.

Although outwardly he makes it seem that he is amused by rebellious and rebellious attitudes, in reality they irritate him since he needs to unite all the protagonism on himself. However, he does not settle for just any passive and timid submissive person; by his side he needs someone of similar intelligence to his and physically attractive enough to be the envy of other Dominants. A person who thinks he is a winner always wants the best prize and often switches submissive when he has “someone better” in sight. On the other hand, they are usually the most attractive and intense and, as if that were not enough, they take maximum care of their image.

The Lazy Sun: 

This type of Dom would be happy if he found a “spanking machine” that would relieve him of the effort of doing it himself. At home it is usually messy and not very neat, especially enjoy having a submissive domestic for this type of work.

He is not rigorous with his physical appearance and neither with that of others, because he enjoys apathy and calm like few others. Although being a refined hedonist has pride, he will also end up manifesting as someone relaxed in his customs and with a tendency to inactivity.  

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