Small Pockets Of True Persistence,


Aug 27, 2021

Let’s face it: men control the government, they run most of the businesses… it’s basically a man’s world. And the truth is that things are not changing: it is the male perspective and will that is still dominant. Even during the past turbulent decades, during which women have joined forces to establish their own liberation, it has been the male who has controlled, with a firm hand, how far the feminist revolution was to go..

However, there are small pockets of true persistence, which are not only still alive but are also growing at an astonishing rate. And those guerrilla armies that shoot their arrows on the sexist battlefield employ as their troops an emerging majority known simply as the dominant woman!

The dominant woman differs from her younger sister, the feminist, in that she is not a political animal, nor is she determined to undo the wrongs of the male world in which she lives. It is not a crusade, nor is it exalted; on the contrary, she is an individualist, who has achieved a deep understanding of the very natural powers that the female has over the male.

The dominant woman is in all aspects of life: she may emerge from the ranks of housewives, or from the dungeons of the professional Dominatrix. It may be a college student, or a divorcee; but he is someone who has finally come to know the power he has over the male. Their stories are many and varied, and their number is growing.

The recent explosion in the number of dominant women in the United States has many causes, and over the past few years, millions of books have been sold in which authors try to explain this phenomenon. The most widespread theory focuses on the role of men and their modulations within the male / female relationship. Its premise is simply that in modern society males have grown weary of the pressures that being male imposes on them, and that they have begun to look for ways in which to soften the roles they are made to play. And, in doing so, they have left a void that, by natural law, must be filled, and it is natural for women to step forward to fill it. So what has created this phenomenon is not so much the desire to dominate of the woman,

Apparently, the dominant woman of modern society is here to stay. The expression of her new power is evident in all facets of our lives, from the way high fashion extols the Dominatrix, to the way the normal housewife is beginning to demand her personal satisfaction, inside and out. of the bedroom. Today’s woman has come a long way in her relationship with men, and is being guided in it by that select group of forward-thinking women known as dominant women. They are determined, they know what they want and they are a very powerful group: they are the “Mistresses of the World”!

The kinkster world can be overwhelming for those who are just curious, even before they start hearing a lot of new terms, which, moreover, are mostly Anglo-Saxon, and where not even the same “kinkster” is (well) defined in English

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