Spanking, Spanking: it is about punishment by slapping


Aug 27, 2021

Let’s start by saying that kinkster is the person who enjoys his sexuality with “sexual vices” ( kinks ). And here is the first Spanish-Spanish translation: for “sexual vices” you have to understand sex that is out of the ordinary. You see this is already overwhelming in itself: now it would be necessary to explain what vices are and what is that of conventional sex. Well, do not worry, we are going to leave doubts, without stress, so that you can illuminate your darker side. And it is that this is the darkest side, simply, the one that has not seen the light, that is, the one that you have not experienced. 

Pet training, Petting, Pet Play: this is the practice in which the submissive person represents and learns to behave like the pet indicated by his dominant. It is a very common practice and there are even training contests in different BDSM communities .

Aftercare: literally means “postoperative care”, but in this case we could translate it as post-domination care. It is the moment right after having played, when it is necessary to observe and satisfy the physical and emotional needs of the submissive partner. There are many ways to do them depending on the games that have been played and the person themselves.

Ama, Domina, Dominatrix, Domme, Owner, Maestra, Mistress, Señora, Top: the woman in control in a domination / submission scene.

Master, Dom, Owner, Master / Master, Lord, Top – The man in control in a dominance / submission scene.

Devices: any of the objects that we can use to carry out kinkster games .

Spanking, Spanking: it is about punishment by slapping, which does not have to be exclusively on the buttocks (spanking) or necessarily with the hand, although there are members of BDSM communities who differentiate spanking precisely by just using their hands, and they designate as flogging , for example, whipping that comes with a whip ( flogger ) or whipping , which is done with a whip.

Spacer bars: for the extremities, arms and legs, they have almost the same effect as the handcuffs, but the immobilization is more intense. They also exist with bracelets and necklaces, which further restrict movement.

Black kiss, Rimming: every day, the black kiss is considered a more conventional practice than kinkster , although this is among the most appreciated by a large number of dominants and submissives. Browsing the Internet, you will realize that it is especially associated with the FEMDOM world.

Cross of San Andrés: This cross extends in the shape of an x   to the ground (in religious history, it represents the martyrdom to which the saint in question was subjected). There are many styles and there are even moving crosses that allow the submissive to be turned face down. It is a classic in domination games, and in any self-respecting dungeon, since the submissive person is tied with his arms and feet at the entire disposal of his master or mistress.

D / s: abbreviation for dominance-submission relationships.

Edging : Actually, it doesn’t have to be a kinky game, as it’s about controlling the orgasm right at the point of greatest arousal. But brought to the world of BDSM, it would consist of the denial of orgasm by word or gesture from the dominant to the submissive (without the need to stop physical stimulation, as would be the case with chastity).

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