What is Vanilla Sex? between classic and pleasure at a slow pace


Aug 27, 2021

Let your imagination fly, surrender to your instincts and achieve maximum pleasure through domination and submission , play with the sensations of pain and break the stigma that surrounds this type of sexual practice, as it is worth mentioning that a published study by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, revealed that BDSM lovers are mentally stronger, more balanced, sociable and open to new experiences, due to the fact that they tend to have greater knowledge of their sexual needs and desires.

What is Vanilla Sex? between classic and pleasure at a slow pace

The so-called Vanilla Sex can be practiced by all couples, and even so, they do not know that it had a specific name. Therefore, the sexologist Maria Tesler explained what it is and what its characteristics are.

Based on the experiences with patients, the sexologist Maria Tesler wrote the book “Ganas de vos” where she details all the characteristics of the so-called Vanilla Sex . According to the professional, most couples practice it, but few know it.

The Sex Vanilla emerged in the community BDSM (Bondage, Sadomasochistic) who relate certain sexual practices with the traditional flavor of ice cream. That is, it combines the traditional, conservative and pleasant.

For this reason, the sexologist explained that Vanilla Sex is the conventional one, without pretensions or fuss. In addition, neither of the couple is fully exposed, so it is a “comfort zone” where warmth is sought and unpretentious.

Although the term comes from the BDSM community, due to its characteristics, sexual practice can be very soft and bland for them, however, for many other people it is pleasant and not boring at all, since intensity is experienced in a different way.

In fact, lovers of Vanilla Sex argue that those who do not enjoy soft and clean, do not know how to enjoy sex, so they argue that they should rethink the connection. In this regard, they argue that if there is real attraction, the simple touch of bodies can ignite passion.

Comfort . Couples who practice it do not do curled poses that involve muscle strength. In fact, the ideal setting is a padded bed, scented and with very soft sheets.

Pleasure is achieved slowly . Speed   is focused on the smoothness and details of the movements.

Impersonality . Lovers of Vanilla Sex do not force connections and prefer face-to-face relationships.

Total nude. The contact of the skin is the only thing that is needed, since in the Vanilla Sex , the lingerie is uncomfortable.

Sado lovers, the why of pain for pleasure Next, we will see the different personalities of the Dominants that make up the BDSM lifestyle. It must be taken into account that not all of them fit perfectly with each of these classes and perhaps, we find ourselves identified with some of the characteristics of each one. 

After the acronym BDSM is bondage, domination and sadomasochism. What is the profile of the people who practice it in Spain? What practices have more followers? Ignasi Puig Rodas is a psychologist, sexologist and couples therapist who specializes in alternative sexualities and has told us the data he has collected in this regard.

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